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Welcome to ECommands, an useful tool for Administrators and Unix experts and begginers. This software will help you to manage your servers and other devices in your network.


How it begins?

This projects began when I was bore to type the same commands  over and over again in my servers. I had to change passwords frecuently over 30 different servers physical or virtualized, login in, typing commands, trying to remember a new kind of password and then change it. Then I had to write them into an Excel kind of document for security reasons and give it to my boss. So everyone who is an administrator got to recognize that after 8 or 10 years doing the same things it is a very boring process.

So for personal reasons I wanted to make some practice with Python and with Django framework for a project that I had in mind and for learning something new. So I created to practice, a fictitious project named Easycom then changed to ECommands and the purpose of this project was making easy the password change process over Unix/Linux Servers. After that I realize that if I can connect through ssh to change a user password then I could run almost any command over any server. So I design an structure to add new commands and servers and to execute them.

After these basic things, I realize that I was just created a very useful tool for me. I can use this tool to document new processes, make them automatic, and make them very easy to someone, for example my boss or any other workmate, that need to execute some actions over my servers with a secure way, with any kind of supervisions, and of course without trying to dictate the commands or typing something.

I realize that this tool is useful to remember any kind of command that I used sometime ago and I don't remember anymore.

Every command Administrator ( Unix/Linux, VMS, Network devices, etc) knows that in some levels there are very complicated commands and there are a lot of them, with different functions, different options and different documentation and after reading very hard, and after a few years using them over and over again we convert in some kinds of experts in how to use these commands. But if you don't use them very frecuently you will have to go to the documentation or using the man command to read over text with was this command is about.

This is another reason for this program, it makes groups, in a centralized way, of commands with additional documentation and with some useful template commands  you can use this program to humanize parameters to make the process a little interactive.

So in resume, we want to make the process easyer to every Command Administrator. This is just the begining and for your tests, but soon, we will publish a new ECommands with so much better programming, presentation and an extension programming API to increase to software functionality not only for Unix/LInux but for everyone who pass for this hard way for commands administration.


David Andino
Programmer and Unix/Linux Administrator
Punto Fijo, Venezuela

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